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TOPIC: At a time of historic international climate negotiations, a kids book (4-8 years old) to raise awareness on this key issue of climate change, engaging their future.


SUMMARY: The OUKAS are creatures that live in a marvellous world. One day they come on holiday to our planet and they notice that everything is going wrong. The countries that should be nice and warm are dry, in the countries that should be cold the ice is melting and in the countries where the weather should be mild, that is not too hot or too cold, there are floods. So the OUKAS try to find a solution to save our planet!



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Nicolas HULOT, 

Former French Minister, Founder and Honorary President of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Man


President of the “Ligue pour la Protection des oiseaux” (Bird Protection League), Advisor at the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council


President of “Météo et Climat” (French meteorological society) and Vice-Chair of IPCC Working Group I, Co-laureate of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

“Let’s rise to the challenge together because, as the old OUKA Wiseman said so well, every gesture counts. Let’s act and become citizens in defence of the climate.”

“Finally, this book addresses children as well as adults since it is true that we must all understand the challenge that we face in order to act. The good new is that we are still in time and that we can win! So let’s all get to work, let’s all become OUKAS! ”

“I believe that environmental education is one of the keys to preventing the younger generation from repeating our mistakes. This book is ideal for this reason and I thank Carole Stora-Calté for her artistic contribution, endowed with a grand power of conviction.”





MEDIAS (First Edition)

  • Ushuaïa TV Magazine "Bougez Vert", TF1, September 2015

  • LaRevueDurable (Switzerland), September 2015

  • Quarterly newsletter of the Society of Friends of the Museum, September 2015

  • L'OISEAU MAG Junior, September 2015

  • Signs of the times, July-August 2015

  • Habitat Naturel n°63, July 2015

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  • Booksellers' Choice AND Librarians' Choice, June 2015

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  • Infos 21 (letter from Committee 21) Special Education, May 2015

  • Our Mother Earth, May 2015


MEDIAS (Seconde Edition)

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Letter of support from French Minister for Ecology Ségolène ROYAL

Letter of support from French Minister for Francophonie Annick GIRARDIN

Letter of support from Mayor of Paris Anne HIDALGO

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